World Outreach Saviour International Bible Ministries Worldwide (WOSIB MINISTRIES) is a kingdom citizen in the BODY OF CHRIST and also a HOLY SPIRIT FILLED CHURCH. Our statements of beliefs are based upon the divine revelation recorded in the Holy Bible. WOSIB MINISTRIES acknowledges this revelation as the supreme rule of faith and practice. We, therefore, encourage all human race who would love to become kingdom citizens to embrace the statement of beliefs as a divine prescription for eternity with Christ, and it is not in any way discrimination.


THE HOLY BIBLE: We believe in the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God. (2 Peter 2:192 Timothy 3:16-17).

THE GODHEAD: The GODHEAD consists of the Divine TRINITY-GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY GHOST. They are three distinct and separate entities but perfectly united in ONE. (Colossians 2:9Matthew 28: 19-20)

REPENTANCE: We believe in genuine repentance which means total and complete turning away from all sins and its deceitful pleasure.(Acts 3:19-21,2 Corinthians 7:10)

RESTITUTION: Restitution is making amends for wrongs done against our fellow men, restoring stolen things to the rightful owners, paying debts, giving back where one has defrauded, making confessions to the offended and apologizing to those slandered so as to have a conscience void of offence towards God and man.(  Proverbs 6:31;Ezekiel 33:14-16; Mathew 23:24; Luke 19:8,9Acts 23:1-524:16James 4:175:6.)

JUSTIFICATION: Justification is God’s declaring those who receive Christ to be righteous, based on Christ’s righteousness being imputed to the accounts of those who receive Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:21).

WATER BAPTISM: We believe in baptism by immersion. t is a picture of the believer’s identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Romans 6:3-4describes this act as our old sinful selves being buried with Christ and our newly created selves being resurrected to walk with Him in newness of life.(Acts 2:38-39,19:1-6,Mark 16:15).

SANCTIFICATION: We believe that a Sanctification is a definite act of God’s grace, subsequent to the New Birth, by which the believer’s heart is purified and made holy. It cannot be attained progressively by works, struggle or suppression, but is obtained by faith in the sanctifying blood of Jesus Christ through His WORD. Hebrews 12:141 Peter 1:14-16.).)

 LORD’S SUPPER: We believe in that the Last Supper as recorded in the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 26:17-30, Mark 14:12-26Luke 22:7-30) was more than Jesus’ last meal; it was a Passover meal, as well.

HOLY GHOST BAPTISM: we believe that the Baptism in the Holy Ghost is the enduement of power from on High upon the sanctified believer. Acts 1:5-8Mark 16:17Acts 2:1-1810:44-4619:1-6.

REDEMPTION: We believe in the redemptive package from the LORD. The word ‘redeem’ means “to buy out.” The term was used specifically in reference to the purchase of a slave’s freedom. The application of this term to Christ’s death on the cross is quite telling. If we are “redeemed,” then our prior condition was one of slavery. God has purchased our freedom, and we are no longer in bondage to sin1 Peter 2:24; Mark 16:15-18Galatians 3:13,14.


We believe in personal evangelism. There is power in evangelizing and witnessing.

Jesus commanded and God requires every believer to be a compassionate and fruitful soul winner, bringing others to Christ. Mathew 28:19, 20; Mark 16:15; also see how Philip did his personal evangelism in Acts 8:26-40

MARRIAGE: We believe in one man and one wife, as it was from the beginning. Genesis 2:21-25. We do not believe in polygamy or any other form of marriage and we believe that divorce is not of God. Marriage is ordained by God and it is binding for life. God has mandated this ministry to impact the world through sound teaching of Agape love, which is the bedrock of every Christian marriage. Romans 7:2,3Ephesians 5:31-33Mark 10:2-12
RAPTURE: We believe in the rapture which is the first phase of the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rapture is the catching away from the earth of all living saints; and all who died in the Lord. The Rapture will take place before the Great Tribulation and can happen any time from now. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18;5:4-92 Thessalonians 2:5-7;Philippians 3:1120211 John 3:1-3John 14:1-3Luke 21:34-361 Corinthians 15:51-58;

GREAT TRIBULATION: We believe in the great tribulation but not for the raptured saints. The Great Tribulation will occur after the Rapture and will be a time of terrible suffering on earth. It is also referred to as the time of Jacob’s trouble. Mathew 24:21, 22, 29;Revelation 9:16Mark 13:192 Thessalonians 2:3-12Revelation 13. During this time, the Antichrist will take possession of this world for a reign of terror. He will not be a system or organization but a person – a supernatural diabolical being, in the form of a man who will blaspheme and proclaim himself to be God (Daniel 8:23,252 Thessalonians 2:7-12; Revelation 13:1-10). The Marriage Supper of the Lamb will take place above while the tribulation continues on earth Revelation 19:1-10.

SECOND COMING OF CHRIST: We believe that Christ our Saviour will return again in glory. All eyes shall see Him as He is. Acts 1:11. He is coming to execute judgment upon the ungodly. He will also, then, set up His Kingdom and reigns on this present earth for a thousand years. Zechariah 14:3,4; Mathew 25:31-46; Mark 13:24-372 Thessalonians 1:7-102:8Jude 14,15.

MILLENNIAL REIGN OF CHRIST: We believe in the millennial reign of Christ. The word ‘millennial is a Latin word meaning ‘a period of 1000 years. Jesus will come back to the earth with ten thousands of His saints and He will judge the nations that dwell upon the face of the earth. Jude 14152 Thessalonians 1:7-10. During this time the devil will be bound. Revelation 20:2,3. It will be a reign of peace and blessing. Isaiah 11:6-965:25Hosea 2:18Zechariah 14:9-20Isaiah 2:2-4.

 GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT: We must not forget that the Judgment Seat of Christ, which took place earlier in heaven, was the judgment for believers. This Great White Throne Judgment will be for everyone else who did not accept Christ in their lives – those who rejected God. This also includes those who play church and knows within them that they have no personal relationship with Christ.Matthew 7:21-23 Revelation 20:11-15.Matt 10:1511:21-2412:4142;John 5:2829Rom 2:1516

NEW HEAVEN AND THE NEW EARTH: We believe in the New Heaven and New Earth. This present earth, which has been polluted by sin, will pass away after the Great White Throne Judgment (Psalm 102:2526Isaiah 51:665:17; Mathew 5:18; 24:35; 2 Peter 3:10-13Revelation 21:1). No unclean thing will be there. We shall know each other, our knowledge having been perfected. There will be no more curses upon anything. There will be no more night; the glory of the Lord will be the light thereof. Isaiah 66:222 Peter 3:12131 Cor 13:121 John 3:2,3Rev 21:1-722:1-5.

 ETERNAL LAKE OF FIRE: The Eternal Lake of Fire was never meant for mankind to live out their eternity.  God wanted all mankind to spend eternity living with Him.  The Eternal Lake of Fire was originally created for Satan and his angels.  Sadly, that horrible place will house all those who followed Satan – forever and ever.  2 Peter 3:9Matthew 25:41Ps 9:17Mt 25:46Lk 12:4516:19-31Mt 5:2230;Mk 9:43-47Rev 14:101120:12-15


Beloved, with all humility, this ministry would love to communicate the mind of God towards us all, concerning certain practices and operations. Please, these may not go well with what you believe, but we will not be disobedient to the Heavenly vision. We, therefore, pray that God will give you understanding in Jesus name Amen. (1 John 2:15).


    Beloved, with all humility, this ministry would love to communicate the mind of God towards us all, concerning certain practices and operations. Please, these may not go well with what you believe, but we will not be disobedient to the Heavenly vision. We, therefore, pray that God will give you understanding in Jesus name Amen. (1 John 2:15).

    • This ministry does not encourage the female wearing of trousers, spaghetti clothes, clothes that are above knees, backless clothe, transparent or see me through clothes and the like, especially in the church or to any of the church programmes.
    • Sisters are encouraged to cover their hair.
    • Wig/weave on and similar attachments are not encouraged; we encourage sisters to be in their more natural look especially the church minister/workers.
    • Similarly, the ministry does not encourage painting of nails, artificial nails or makeup

     jewellery like necklace, earrings, finger rings, and beads and so on.

    • No using of phones and handsets during service times, please